Authentic “Mix" of Seasonings for a homemade Spaghetti Sauce Recipe


Grandma rillo


 .  Grandma Rillo was a high performance entrepreneur, She managed the family business making deals her way. Grandma passed down recipes of traditional Old World Italian cooking in the family restaurant. The Rillo family consisted of Grandma, Grandpa, nine daughters and five sons! As history goes one of the five sons Joseph "Joe" Rillo acquired a passion for cooking.

joseph rillo sr.(dad)


  While my father may have acquired inspiration from his mother he had ideas, vision and talent of his own.  Joe created his own homemade traditional Italian spaghetti sauce. "Homemade sauce using fresh vegetables, herbs and spices is time consuming and hard work!"   

Joe had a vision....he converted his fresh ingredient traditional "time consuming" recipe into an 

All-Natural simple, easy, quick, delicious, one of a kind, still Homemade traditional Spaghetti sauce "without" all the work!
End result...

"Rillo’s Italian Mix"   

michele rillo (daughter)


Love my father's sauce! So I'm just keeping the love and tradition going with Rillo's Italian Mix! 

I believe you will love it to!